Design Issues to Discuss

This is pretty! Does anyone know if it is possible to put tabs on this blog? That would make finding info much easier.

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  1. Bryan Loar says:

    I think you’re right, but before we hack beccary’s template, would you make the tabs different/same/complimentary to the categories listed on the sidebar? Any suggestions?


  2. mmacken says:

    My thought this morning was to have tabs organized by our audience “levels”:

    1. how to become an art librarian
    2. being an art library student
    3. getting a job
    4. starting your new job

    But, it might be easier to arrange by content. Now that I think of it, I hate websites where you have to know what category you are in before you can find anything. I’m worried that there would be too many tabs. Hmm. There are so many ways to organize things–I guess that’s what keeps us employed… These were all the categories that I came up with:
    Professional Orgs, Jobs, Scholarships and Grants, Mailing Lists; Blogs and Web sites; Publishing and Copyright; Digital Imaging/VR; and Libraries. I tried to put them in logical groupings, but not sure if that worked. Anyone have any ideas?


  3. mmacken says:

    before I get back to work…add museums somewhere, to libraries…I guess


  4. Bryan Loar says:

    It seems as if we need to build a repository of information–a quick ready reference for the art librarian student (this would address 1-4). Blogs that use folksonomies help bind like items together, but they are not necessary quick. If we want to provide a quick fact for the art library student we should look into building a site that incorporates 1-4. This could easily be linked to the blog & vice versa.

    The blog could be used as a metlting pot of ideas which could then be distilled and finally incorporated into the repository.


    In regards to the categories, they are all very good. The blog does have a Scholarships & Grants category besides Fellowships. Unfortunately, and very annoyingly, the design of the current blog does not show categories unless they have been posted to. I would also like to suggest (at the risk of having too many categories) having Publishing seperate from Copyright and Libraries Seperate from Museums. I suggest this because #1 it makes it quicker to hone in on a specific topic and #2 because each topic is so broad that it could produce an information glut.


  5. Jacqueline says:

    Could each category have a small post, like “This is the Scholarship & Grants category,” that would make it active on the category list?

    A also advocate for a Web site linked to the blog.


  6. mmacken says:

    Some blog services let you put non-blog content up along with your blog in tabs, or at least I think that is what’s going on. This is where I got the idea for tabs:

    I think that if we are unable to incorporate all the info into a blog space, we should have a blog and a webpage with very similar addresses, with a similar design and very visible links to each other, so it doesn’t feel like you’re leaving one space for another–different “rooms” in the same “house,” I guess…


  7. mmacken says:

    I agree with Bryan about the categories. If we do as Jacqueline suggests, I guess there could be an unlimited number of categories. That seems like it would work.


  8. Bryan Loar says:

    I second the motion if we are unable to incorporate all info in one space that the corresponding pages MUST have similar addresses with similar designs. It’s a branding thing/trust thing.


  9. Bryan Loar says:

    We now have a template with tabs. 🙂