Hello all,

I just created a page that is linked thought the Aboutness pane (you can also reach it by clicking on this https://abcs.wordpress.com/aboutness).  Let me know what you think.

Some things that I wrestled with were…

  1. OVERTLY threatening.  The way I have it means that posts/comments that would be considered slightly threatening are allowed.  [I did this because I’m not really sure where to draw the line of “really upset” to “threatening”]
  2. Terms are subjective.  What is or is not threatening.  The law says what’s obscene, but it does so in non-specific ways.  Somebody might think the s-word is obscene while others have no problem with the more graphic photographs of Mapplethorpe.
  3. Should Author be defined.

-Bryan Loar


7 Comments on “Aboutness”

  1. mmacken says:

    I think authors should be defined. I haven’t come up with a good reason for anonymity. The aboutness page is a good start. We should all definitely give this a good review to make sure we haven’t missed anything and to compare to arlis/vra listserv rules.


  2. mmacken says:

    I’m curious how you made the aboutness page–would we be able to make other non-blog pages like it? Is the only way to get to such a page through the aboutness thing on the left? I guess what I really want to know is how much of your own coding can you do on this site? Bryan, if you don’t know off-hand, I will find out myself, so you don’t have to do all the work!!


  3. Bryan Loar says:

    Looking at ARLIS/NA &/Or VRA Listserv Rules:
    Good Call. Anyone up for it [I’m swamped with work tonight]

    Making New Blog Pages:
    If you go to Write, you can choose Page instead of Post. You can write in your HTML, but it will be within the blogs style wrapper.

    Getting to New Pages:
    Under Presentation, you can modify the Sidebar Widgets. You can use a text box as a navigation bar/box. Just put in your “a href” tags in the text box, close, & save.

    How Much Code Can You Do:
    Within the style wrapper you’re somewhat free. You have flexiblity with the Sidebar, but, ultimately you’re limited by the template. In the content space, some of the code I’ve tried [a page with multiple flikr side shows] didn’t work – WordPress kept on adding tags. grrr.


  4. Carter says:

    I looked *all over* for a way to edit the Flickr feed. Thanks for the hint about the Sidebar Widgets, Bryan. What other types of static, non-blog pages are you thinking of, Megan?


  5. Carter says:

    ARLIS-L Statement of Purpose

    Not much policy, but more of a purpose, stated below from ARLIS at http://www.arlisna.org/about/arlisl.html

    ARLIS-L is an electronic forum for the dissemination of information and the discussion of issues of interest to art information professionals. Postings routinely include reference and cataloging questions and discussion specific to art resources and materials; job vacancy announcements; conference, workshop, and meeting information; announcements of awards, honors, and prizes; news items from groups and individuals in the Society; new publications and web sites; copyright and information policy issues; and more. ARLIS-L is an open discussion list, anyone may subscribe.

    VRA-L Policy
    The note below was posted to the listserv ~9 years ago by the then-current president.

    VRA-L is an unmoderated listserv managed by the Visual Resources
    Association. Although unmoderated it is established to further research
    and education in the field of visual resources and to promote a spirit
    of cooperation among the members of the profession. Our listserv is
    rather unique in that we do not employ any mechanism for screening posts
    to the list. We also run certain risks by opening our list to non-VRA
    members, but there are also risks, as well as delays, associated with
    restricting access or screening posts beforehand. Anyone subscribing to
    VRA-L should know that their messages are not being censored, modified,
    or deleted before being sent to the entire list. Our unmoderated
    posting policy keeps our list vital, interesting, and fun as well. There
    are times when we may feel the need or desire to share a thought that
    may not easily fall into the category of visual resources. This can
    often be refreshing as well as sometimes disturbing. But for the most
    part, we should remind ourselves that VRA-L is a professional listserv.
    With this in mind, please allow me to suggest a few rules of netiquette:

    1. Always sign your message with your name, institution, and e-mail
    address. (Do not include any other information in your signature file
    unless you are absolutely sure that you want to share it with the entire

    2. Always indicate the subject of your message.

    3. Please read over any message intended for VRA-L and do not post
    until you are sure you want to post to the entire list.

    4. If you make a request for particular information, ask that the
    responses be sent to you, not to the entire list. When a number of
    responses are collected, send a summary of the information to the other
    list members.

    5. And as always, please express yourself courteously and professionally
    to fellow subscribers, even when disagreeing with them over serious

    ARLIS-student-l Cautionary Statement
    The Arlis-student-l listserv page (http://oncampus.richmond.edu/~sfalls/Student%20Affairs/Student_listserv.html) reminds subscribers that the archives are cached by Google, and to think twice before posting certain content that could affect future job interviews, etc.


  6. mmacken says:

    I’m thinking of static pages with lots of links, I guess, within all those categories I listed before…copyright, publishing, library schools with art library programs, etc. I still think it would be ideal if we could just have the blog, and not an additional website.


  7. Bryan Loar says:

    You could keep it all contained in this blog if you wanted to. You’d need to set up a new page & name it something like Art Libarian Resources. Then use a text widget named the same and have each of your categories listed (widgets will accept html so that you may link them to their own pages–which would also need to be created). The widget would show up on all pages, and the widget’s title could be hyperlinked to the “Art Librarian Resources” page. The paged named Art Librarian Resources (or whatever) could be another gateway to access the same info maybe with some explanations if need.