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Is there a link on the blog somewhere to sign in? This would be really useful, but I haven’t found it if there is one.

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  1. Megan says:

    wow, you’re fast. Thank you!!


  2. skwinkle says:

    here are some sites I’d suggest, in addition to Sarah Falls’

    Art News Blog
    Includes up to date news in the general art world…includes auction sales, museum
    exhibits etc. (has RSS Feed)

    Mostly humorous looks into her life and the library world…also includes stuff on
    conferences she attends etc.

    Green Kangaroo
    ALA head, blogging about whatever tickles the fancy from one day to the next (hasn’t been
    updated in awhile as far as blogs go, but quite informative on the professional beat
    outside of ARLIS

    A Bunch of AAM folks blogging about museum culture and cool new inventions or sites: such
    as jacksonpollock.com

    NYT =-ARTs
    I’d suggest we try to incorporate the RSS feed of newest headlines from the NYT Arts
    section on the blog somewhere…so students can scan relevant headlines and keep up to
    date on the fine arts, plus the performing arts since many art libraries wind up covering
    the humanities in general…

    This one was recommended via my Automation class at IU for “new technological trends” and
    keeping up to date on their incorporation into the library field.

    (those are the ones I currently subscribe to via RSS feeds with Bloglines.com –which I
    find to be a pretty simple and userfriendly aggregator.)

    Susan Winkler
    Substitute Librarian
    Coralville Public Library
    Coralville, Iowa 52241