A new look.  What do you think?

Contributors are now visible.  Plus, the header image may be changed.  Ah, personalization–though I still wish we could hack the html ;->

13 Comments on “Presentation”

  1. mmacken says:

    This layout [Regulus 2.1.3] is much easier to navigate. A big improvement, I think! Cleaner, more organized, etc. warning: I am playing around a bit with layout, just to see how it works.


  2. mmacken says:

    I like the Andreas09 1.5 layout because it has 3 columns. What do you guys think?

    We could put the arlis-related stuff on the left and the rss feeds/links on the right so the page won’t be so long.

    I added the rijksmuseum widget link (on bottom right) thru the blogroll, just to see how it works. Once you add a site to the blogroll, you have to give it a category to show up, just like posts.

    I really hope we can get funding so we can make the site as easy to use/read as possible.


  3. Carter says:

    I do like the 3 column layout better, although I’m getting some weird formatting in the ‘Recent Comments’ section on the left. I like the separation. The Flickr feed being listed higher also livens things up a bit too! I like the tabs aesthetically, but do you think they are as visible as they were before?


  4. mmacken says:

    I don’t think they are as visible, but maybe that’s ok? The comment formatting is really weird–not legible. It would be great to tweak the code, like Bryan said, but wordpress doesn’t offer that quite yet. Another good reason to get funding…


  5. Bryan Loar says:

    Yeah and the contributors’ names are gone now too, hmpfff 😦


  6. mmacken says:

    oh, that is not good. maybe there is another layout…


  7. Sarah says:

    Wow guys, I’m an easy sell, but this is GREEEAt. Yeah, formating issues aside, i love that everything is right here. ultimately, it replaces the need for a static website…I like the column format as well.


  8. mmacken says:

    I added a couple pages. I can’t figure out why the archives page puts “Helpful Hints” at the top. Anyone else know? It did that when a created a page using the archives template and the links template.


  9. Carter says:

    This is great, Megan, although I can’t figure out why it says “Helpful Hints” either . . .

    Are we thinking about creating tabs for prospective/new students, job seekers, and new professionals? I think that there was some discussion about providing content this way, but I can’t remember if this was agreed upon. Anyone want to chime in on what types of content should be included in each?


  10. mmacken says:

    One problem is that a lot info would be relevant to all three. I made a comment that had more info about it, but now I can’t find it. The search works pretty well for some things, but for some reason a results for “categories” or “category” doesn’t come up.

    I think we should try the regulus layout again tomorrow, and see what we miss about this one. I checked a box to allow comments on those pages, but there is no comment box.


  11. mmacken says:

    How do you like this layout (Contempt)? My only complaint is that my computer makes the text a little small, but I can adjust that. You can add your own image to the top header bar. If anyone has one, please add it.


  12. liz e. says:

    Contempt is clean and easy to navigate but the text is tiny. All nav. options on one side makes for quick reference. I always feel like I’m missing something when nav. links are on top/left/right and duplicated in places. Less boxing (ie around each comment) is better


  13. Bryan Loar says:

    The header I uploaded is supposed to echo ARLIS/NA’s logo (continuity of brand). I was careful not to get too close though — in case ARLIS/NA doesn’t like the blog. Which reminds me to change Aboutness to reflect just that.