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You might have noticed that the blog’s been a bit quiet recently. Sara Carter has submitted the request for ARLIS funding, but if we are granted funding, we won’t receive it until next year. In the mean time, the most practical plan of action seems to be to convert our committee blog to the real thing (or create a new one just like it—opinions?). There are a few things left to do before we can go live. If you can help with any of these, please indicate your interest on the blog and note the deadline below.

#1 Provide some input about the welcome page—do we want/need a welcome page? Suggestions for text?

#2 How to use a blog—judging by some of the comments we’ve received, we need a simple “intro to blogging” page. This can be adapted from the many other how to blog resources out there.

#3 I’m planning to clean up the design a little bit. If you have design suggestions or any other comments, let me know. These will just be minor changes. The most important one at this point is to increase the body text size and to format the headers in a more beautiful way…

#4 (ongoing): Add your links — LIS programs, opportunities, anything related to Art Librarianship/Visual Resources/etc, etc — to the Blogroll and assign them categories. These links show up on the Resources page. You have to be logged in as an administrator to do this. (If you need help with this, email me or Bryan bryan@theloars.com )

We are aiming to go live September 15 and to send the link out to library schools across the country at that point.


5 Comments on “Update: To Do”

  1. Bryan Loar says:

    First of all, Megan thanks for carrying the torch!

    I think this design is very attractive, clean, and smart. Furthermore, I think we’ve moved beyond just having a blog. The blog is one integral part of the entire design, but we have more of a Website now. That said…I like the way in which the site is a complete mashup. The Website informs the blog and vice-versa. This is very, very exciting.

    With that in mind, I think we should look at a different name for our space. Something like The ARLIS Student Online Resource or something flashier is called for. (I deliberately chose ARLIS because I think we should be global.)

    I think we definitely need a welcome/getting started page. I would argue that it should not be the homepage. Instead we should make a new tab.

    I believe the homepage should do a few, very basic things. It should Grab your attention and whet the appetites of those who are coming to the site for the first time. It should point those folks to the welcome/getting started tab (and probably provide a hyperlink in the text). And it should have fresh content (preferably 3+ times a week) in addition to our feeds.

    Finally, I’d like to throw this out. I think we should keep the site we’re on. We’ve got some limitations; however, with WordPress continually enhancing their services, I think staying would be a wise decision. That said, what does everyone think about buying a domain? 1and1.com offers domains for $6 a year. We could choose something like http://www.arlis-students.org. (We would probably have to check with ARLIS to make sure this is not trademark infringement.) Users could be redirected from the above domain to our site. If we wanted to, our WordPress domain could be masked and only arlis-students.org would show up in the address bar. We could also have up to 200 email aliases (e.g. Joe@arlis-students.org, info@arlis-students.org, etc.) Anyway, give it some thought. Click HERE for information about 1and1’s domain registration.


  2. mmacken says:

    I like your idea for the home page, if someone is willing to update it so frequently.

    And, we do really need a flashy name. Have to think about that. My only problem with “student” is that former students or new professionals might disregard the site because it’s for students. I’m not sure how much of a problem that is though.

    Forgive my ignorance, but with a domain name, we could just basically hide the name of the current abcs.wordpress.com with a name of our own choosing? We wouldn’t need another host?

    I love brainstorming. 🙂


  3. Bryan Loar says:

    You’re right about the “student” thing. I didn’t think about that. Hmmm….

    In regards the last paragraph, hosting and domain registration are 2 different things. Our URL (domain name) can be changed 2 ways. We can start another site/blog with WordPress, or we can purchase a domain. Hosting would be if we wanted to actually put our content on someone’s server. So, for example, I pay $6 a year for my domain (www.theloars.com – with a subdomain wwww.bryan.theloars.com) to 1and1.com. 1and1 then manages my info about the website with the internet authority ICANN. Now, that’s just for my domain. Because I also want to put my content on their server (i.e. hosting), I pay another $30 a year. I could just host my stuff on WordPress or Geocities, etc., but I want full control over my content. If I just owned my domain name and used a free hosting service, I could route my traffic going to http://www.bryan.theloars.com to say http://www.theloars.geocities.com. I could even mask all the pages under geocities to display only http://www.bryan.theloars.com –I’m sorry this is really sounding like a bad plug for my site :-O

    Anyway, to recap, we could start a new site/blog like arlis-?.wordpress.com or we could buy a domain and redirect traffic to abcs.wordpress.com. This is if we even want to change our URL/domain name. (I think it would be nice to do).

    Cheers, 😉


  4. mmacken says:

    That makes sense. Thanks! The nice thing about our current blog address is that the name is really easy to remember.


  5. Bryan Loar says:

    I agree, but it’s not very branded.