Temporary Name Change

OK, so I’m fooling around with our site’s name.  I’m not very partial to what I’ve named it (i.e. SNAP), but I can’t think of a better way to incorporate both students & new professionals.  Could it be because it’s 2:45am?  Maybe.

SNAP = Students & New ARLIS Professionals


8 Comments on “Temporary Name Change”

  1. mmacken says:

    I like SNAP. It is definitely catchy and incorporates the ARLIS name.


  2. mmacken says:

    I just googled SNAP, and it is the acronym for some other organizations. Try it and see what you think.


  3. Carter says:

    I like SNAP pretty well. It might be a bit of a forced feeling with the exclamation point – what do other people think?


  4. Bryan Loar says:

    ARLIS/UK & Ireland call themselves at times ARLIS. What about a wildcard then? (e.g. ARLIS*)


  5. mmacken says:

    I like the wildcard idea, but I’m afraid that people might look for an explanation of the * at the bottom of the page, ie not see it as a wildcard. Maybe we could call it Arlis/NA and then in the aboutness page talk about how we want it to be a global resource, not just North American?

    I don’t mind the exclamation point too much, but I wonder if, when saying “oh, snap!” becomes totally obsolete (I’m not the one who’s going to know when that happens or if it has already…), it will have a negative effect on our blog’s branding.


  6. mmacken says:

    All ideas are good ideas when you’re brainstorming…what if we called it ArLiSNAP? I guess it wouldn’t really be an acronym. The second A doesn’t work as well, but if no one thinks about it too hard…
    Art Libraries _Society of North America_/_Students and New Arlis_ Professionals


  7. Bryan Loar says:

    I like ArLiSNAP! I like how you could actually spin it as ARLIS/NA, ARLIS*, & SNAP. I think you’re on to something! I’ll be away for the rest of the day, but tonight I plan on changing our Aboutness page & fixing the video.



  8. jesmesfes says:

    Sorry for the late response – I agree that ArLiSNAP sounds good and the acronoyn covers ground for both students and professionals.