Annual Report and Goals of the ARLIS/NA Student Affairs Discussion Group

View the annual report of the ARLIS/NA Student Affairs Discussion Group online at You must be a member of ARLIS/NA to access the password-protected report. But, below are the goals that Co-Moderators & report authors Sarah Carter and Megan Macken included in the report.

Student Affairs Community current and future goals include the following:

  1. Utilize the ArLiSNAP online community to increase national conference participation among students and new professionals as attendees, volunteers, and panelists.
  2. Increase involvement of ARLIS/NA senior members. Although the ArLiSNAP community exists for the newest generation of ARLIS/NA professionals, a relationship with tenured professionals is essential for mentorship, advice, support and networking.
  3. Link the blog directly to the ARLIS/NA website. The Student Affairs Community would ultimately like to be able to host and administer ArLiSNAP from an ARLIS/NA server to provide the highest level of quality and greater visibility.
  4. Improve the regular collection of statistics on group participation.
  5. Publish resources (in print or online) in collaboration with ARLIS/NA that benefit the Student Affairs community. Projects of interest include:
    • the continued collection, dissemination, and annotation of internet links relevant to art information professionals
    • the digitization of Betty Jo Irvine’s comprehensive bibliography of art librarianship;
    • a revision of the 1999 Addendum to Library Schools in Canada and the United States: Educational Opportunities for Careers in Fine Arts and Visual Resources Librarianship.
  6. Sustain the growth of the group by electing one co-moderator each year for a two-year term. Overlapping terms will allow the two co-moderators to ensure the continued success of the discussion group and maintain the momentum of long-term projects.

5 Comments on “Annual Report and Goals of the ARLIS/NA Student Affairs Discussion Group”

  1. Bryan Loar says:

    Thanks Mmacken for posting this in a public forum!

    I’ll be working with the ARLIS/NA Membership Committee for 2007-08. I’ll be interested in seeing how we can leverage the knowledge of the PDC, Membership, & Student Affairs in order to create greater awareness of ArLiSNAP and art librarianship as career path.


  2. mmacken says:

    PDC = Professional Development Committee, right? I had to think about this one for a second 🙂


  3. Bryan Loar says:

    Si’ ! Buon lavoro! (Yes! Good Job! [with a little license])


  4. Carter says:

    Hi All,

    Although I am looking to pass on the ArLiSNAP/Student Affairs Co-moderator torch, I plan to be involved as a member of the PDC committee next year, working on the year-long mentoring project as well as an updated & revised copy of the Library Schools document. I think it will be very exciting to work with the Membership Committee as ARLIS/NA moves into an exciting new era!


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