Student Pub-Crawl 4: DENVER

Denver pubs will never know what hit them when the Art Librarians show up in town…

The 4th Annual ARLIS-NA Student Pub crawl will begin on Sat., May 3 at 8pm in the conference hotel lobby.

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This year, we are out with the baseball fans, so please eat dinner before starting out. The first two pubs do serve food, but there is no guarantee of seating.

Without further a do, the line-up:

1. Wynkop Brewing Co.
1536 Wynkoop St. (Wynkoop and 18th St.)
Housed in the historic J.S. Brown Mercantile building, the Wynkoop Brewing Company led the way in the resurgence of Lower Downtown. The interior boasts a warm Colorado pub feel with its hardwood floors, thick timber pillars and pressed tin ceilings. Throw in plenty of great food and park it here.

2. Fado Irish Pub
1735 19th St., Denver, Colorado; Tel. 303.297.0066
The Denver outpost of the national Fado Irish Bar chain does much of the same as its green brethren putting forth some authentic, artery clogging Irish food, heavily stocking the bar with Guinness, ales, whiskey and scotches, and promoting good will and joy through food and drink. This Denver bar is the neighborhood pub for all of the mountain dwelling Irish ex-pats and their descendents who need to be reminded of their homeland occasionally (read nightly). The musical selections, many nights at Fado Irish Pub see live acoustic and Celtic bands play, is as authentic as the food and booze selection—the boxty, especially, are spot on.

3. Nallen’s Irish Pub
1429 Market St., Denver, Colorado; Tel. 303.572.0667
Nallen’s Irish Pub is a straight up Denver bar that doesn’t let any of those pesky foodstuffs get in the way of your daily dosages of Guinness and whiskey. If you’re just into downing a quiet pint at Nallen’s Irish Pub, grab a spot at the bar in the afternoons or early evenings because this Denver bar becomes a Larimer Square hotspot hangout once the sun sets and raucous imbibers are released from their daily pens.