Libraries on iTunes U


iTunes U puts the power of the iTunes Store to work for colleges and universities, so users can easily search, download, and play course content just like they do music, movies, and TV shows.

DePaul University Libraries (and probably others) offer podcasts on iTunes U. To see their page:

  1. Install iTunes on your computer
  2. Click on the following link to open iTunes U (will open your iTunes application):
  3. Look for DePaul University on the left in the Universities box.
  4. The DePaul University Libraries link is in the third box down on the right

4 Comments on “Libraries on iTunes U”

  1. Bryan Loar says:

    Berkley too –

    FYI, MIT offers full course information in addition to their itunes offerings at OpenCourseware


  2. The New York Public Library also joined iTunes U a few months ago.

    Past programs, conversations, and archival collections are organized into academic subjects such as Arts & Literature, Humanities, and Society & Social Sciences.


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  4. Linda days says:

    Your posts are nice, I just added your feed to my news reader. Look forward to read more interesting stuff from you (if not it’s not that difficult to unsubscribe 🙂 ).