ArLiSNAP Pub Stop 2011

Calling on all volunteers & those who know Minneapolis!

We need your help for ArLiSNAP’s next pub stop. We’re looking for a destination that can handle up to 30 librarians who enjoy libations. Last year’s participants estimated around 25. Might we have more when mixing with VRA?

We’ve chosen Saturday, March 26th as the best night for the stop. We call it a “stop” because, over the years, the crawl of multiple different locals has given way to relaxing with good company at just one spot. Of course, the more adventurous are free to move on. We’ll provide a customized Google map for those going to the chosen bar and add other suggestions for the pioneering.

Please make your suggestions below in the comments.


6 Comments on “ArLiSNAP Pub Stop 2011”

  1. marquisette says:

    The Kitty Cat Club is right near the University and has amazing decor!


  2. Bryan Loar says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip!


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  4. Bryan Loar says:

    From Kristen Mastel: Britt’s Pub is a must, Chambers if it is still cold enough for the ice bar outside, W hotel is really nice and kinda a hot spot…. but the last two are more upscale.

    After talking the local committee, Kristen wrote with these suggestions in mid-March:

    The Local


  5. Bob says:

    You’ll be at the Downtown Hilton, so Britt’s is close, as is The Local. You can rent the back room of Gluek’s, which can be a fun place. Kieran’s Pub might be your best bet (please note: Google Maps is wrong, Kieran’s moved to the corner of 6th street and 1st avenue).

    You might also want to check out a great Twin Cities drinking guide, “Minneapolis Happy Hour.”


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