We get by with a little bit of help from our friends…

Going to Toronto? Want a really easy way to be super-helpful? We need someone to take notes during our annual meeting. We can reward you with undying love and chocolate. Especially the latter.

3 Comments on “We get by with a little bit of help from our friends…”

  1. abqualls says:

    I would love to take notes at the meeting! This will be my first ARLIS conference and I am excited to get involved with ArLiSNAP 🙂


  2. Thanks, Amanda! We’d be thankful to have your help. Suzanne will make sure to talk about what we need before the meeting.


  3. Suzanne C Walsh says:

    Amanda, if you could email me with your contact information, that would be super-useful. My email is suzannewalsh at gmail.com. I’ll fill you in on the details.