Fitch North America Materials Librarian

Apply to my old job!  Well kind of…the role is geographically expanded, the focus is only on materials, and a design-based undergrad degree is desired (but not required!)

North America Materials Librarian

Job Summary

  • Managing and directing implementation and organization of the materials library
  • Working with leadership of all disciplines to grow library resources and services to support business needs
  • Maintaining, at all times, the highest standards of design and vendor management


Library Development

  • Developing library usage guidelines and procedures for collection development and maintenance, circulation, and research requests for the Columbus, Phoenix and Seattle studios and libraries
  • Selecting, ordering, cataloging and classifying library materials
  • Create and maintain library web presence by providing design and content for online users on FITCH network
  • Coordinating with vendors for in-house presentations for each studio

Design and Architecture Support

  • Assisting Designers and Architects in locating resources, answering inquiries and researching information related to architecture and interior finishes and materials
  • Coordinating project materials for specific projects across FITCH’s North America studios and libraries
  • Assist with design presentation color and material boards
  • Organizing and archiving project data and materials
  • Assist Designers and Architects in writing finish specifications


Key Success Factors

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to help create and maintain library standards
  • Ability to contribute to the improving quality of our practice regarding specification and selection of materials and finishes
  • Ability to perform consistently and reliably with a willingness to increase professional responsibilities, skills and understanding
  • Ability to grow vendor relationships

Experience and Education

  • Undergraduate Degree in industrial design, interior design, or architecture required and 5+ years of design experience is desired
  • Experience in specifying high-performance finishes and materials for commercial projects including exterior and interior architecture finishes and materials; high-end design materials; local, national and international materials sourcing and procurement standards
  • Experience in the ordering, sourcing, costs and lead times of contract materials
  • Experience in the value-engineering process for contract materials
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and InDesign
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Detail oriented and organized

2 Comments on “Fitch North America Materials Librarian”

  1. PD says:

    I applied for this position (the Seattle one) in July and had no response. I was disappointed! It’s a great company.


  2. Bryan Loar says:

    That’s too bad. At least you tried.