Job Posting: Technical Architect, Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY)


Initially, this position will be deeply involved in the administration and technical oversight of MediaBin, the museum’s digital asset management system. Looking forward, the person in this position will have a key role to play in any initiative that involves the management of digitized assets at the Museum, including system upgrades or migration to a new DAM, task automation, application customization, troubleshooting, reporting and other digitization procedures.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provide technical expertise for enterprise content management systems, based upon a strong understanding of the client server environment, web services, security roles etc. as well as demonstrated experience with a variety of image, audio and video formats.
  • Serve as primary technical liaison to internal stakeholders and external vendors and consultants for all digital asset management activities and related projects.
  • Work with IS&T and/or contractual partners to design, specify, execute and monitor data migration/synchronization tasks between various Museum data repositories.
  • Streamline acquisitions, deployments and conversions of multimedia content for both internal and external uses.
  • Design, develop, and maintain reports for the Museum’s content management systems (e.g., production workflows, digital rights management, licensing activities).
  • Review, analyze, and evaluate system and user needs. Assist in the development and deployment of solutions based on user requirements.
  • Evaluate, maintain and install systems upgrades and fixes. Coordinate changes with technical staff and affected users, as required.
  • Other related duties

Requirements and Qualifications:
Experience and Skills:

  • 3+ years experience in information / content management.
  • Demonstrated experience with data services in Microsoft SQL Server, or equivalent RDBMS
  • Demonstrated experience with web-related application development in Visual Basic, .NET, Java or equivalent programming language.
  • Demonstrated skill with IIS or equivalent web service infrastructure.
  • Demonstrated skill with PC & MAC client-server systems and architectures.
  • Experience with end-user support and service; strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Preferred: experience with technical implementation and maintenance of digital asset or other enterprise content management systems (especially MediaBin).
  • Preferred: knowledge of digitization processes for content, including digital image capture and scanning, image, audio and video formats and codecs, file conversion and archiving, data mining and harvesting, and metadata taxonomies.

Knowledge and Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant technical certification (preferred in a related field)
  • Knowledge of digitization processes for content, including digital image capture and scanning, image, audio and video formats and codecs, file conversion and archiving data