Meet Ellen Tisdale, your new ArLiSNAP co-moderator!

Happy Monday, arlisnappers!

We’re pleased to announce the final results from the election, and welcome Ellen Tisdale as your 2013-2015 Co-Moderator. Congrats, Ellen!

Ellen Tisdale

Hello ArLiSNAP!

I’m very excited to be starting out as a moderator for the 2013-2015 term. I hope to explore many new opportunities in art librarianship with all of you over the next two years.

For those of you who missed my introduction, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m Canadian, hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I finished my Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in 2011. I have been working with the U of M libraries since 2007, first as a Library Assistant 1, and now as a Library Assistant 3. After considering going into education or art therapy, both of which were not really for me, I realized that I should try to combine my love of art and my passion for helping students in a library, which has led me to the path I am on today.

At the moment, I am enrolled in my third term of the online MLIS program through Wayne State University. I began the program last fall, after returning from spending a year living in Leipzig, Germany, with my partner who is studying there. While in Leipzig I worked mainly as an ESL teacher, which reinforced my decision not to go into education – though I enjoy teaching adults in a library setting, I don’t quite have the disposition (or energy!) to manage thirty excitable children. I also had the chance to complete internships in two libraries: one in the research library at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, and one in an art centre/library known as Halle 14. I’m very inspired by a library that can bring in all kinds of different people for events and collaboration, which is just what Halle 14 is all about.

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with all of you in the years to come. If you have any suggestions, comments, or ideas, please do contact Stephanie or myself at