ARLIS/Southeast Chapter Conference, Nov. 21 + 22


From the ARLISSE website:

The 2013 ARLIS/SE Chapter Conference Program and registration form are available below, and from the “Chapter Conference” page on the website. If you have any questions, contact Kathy Edwards at kathye [at]

Schedule with Speakers: 2013 Chapter Conference Program, Hotel, & Travel Details (PDF)

2013 Chapter Conference Registration Form (PDF)

Kathy Edwards

2013 ARLISSE Chapter President

On behalf of the 2013 Program Committee:

Sheila Cork, New Orleans Museum of Art

Kasia Leousis, Auburn University

Kathy Edwards, Clemson University


2 Comments on “ARLIS/Southeast Chapter Conference, Nov. 21 + 22”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you, Leslie!

    I just made a post to the site with a link to the most recent program schedule, with our presentation/poster titles. Would you be able to the Program link to that document?

    Click to access ARLISSE2013_Schedule_withSpeakers.pdf


  2. Leslie says:

    Post is updated, thank you for the link!