2014 ARLIS/SE Professional Travel Award for ARLIS/NA Conference

Are you an Art Librarian or Library Student living in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the U.S. Virgin Islands territory? Then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity offered by the Southeast Chapter Travel Award!

An award in the amount of $500 (USD) to attend the ARLIS/NA conference in Washington, D.C., May 1-5, 2014 will be given to our best candidate.

Please read carefully all the announcement details before filling out your application:


The Award’s purpose is to cultivate a talented, dedicated, and educated group of professionals for the ARLIS/NA organization as well as the ARLIS/SE chapter. Funds from this award may be used to pay for travel, lodging, registration and meals associated with professional development activities at the annual ARLIS/NA conference.


Applicants must currently reside in the geographic area served by the ARLIS/SE chapter. Membership in ARLIS/SE and ARLIS/NA at the time of application is not required, although preference will be given to current ARLIS/SE members. Applicants must also currently be either employed in the field of art librarianship and/or visual resources curatorship, or enrolled in an educational program leading to a graduate degree. Current students, individuals beginning their professional career within the field of Art Information in the past five years, and paraprofessionals who are becoming active in ARLIS/NA or ARLIS/SE for the first time may also apply. Any individual meeting these criteria may apply for the award; however first-time attendees are given preference. Recipients of the award may not reapply in future years.

Award recipient duties:

1. Participate in the ARLIS/NA Conference Networking program (if they have not previously done so).

2. Attend the ARLIS/SE Chapter meeting at the annual ARLIS/NA conference.

3. Submit a written report on his or her conference activities within one month of the conference. This report should be submitted to the ARLIS/SE webmaster to be posted on the ARLIS/SE webpage.

4. Co-chair the 2015 Professional Travel Award Committee and subsequently chair the committee in 2016.


Award applications will be accepted up until midnight on Friday, February 21st, 2014 and the award winner will be contacted no later than Friday, March 14th, 2014.

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