A warm welcome for our new Canadian Liaison, Allana Mayer!

Allana will be working to improve our coverage of Canadian opportunities, including job postings and art librarianship news from across Canada.

Allana Mayer


I’m currently completing my MLIS at McGill in Montreal, after an undergrad in cultural theory and digital art. I’ve worked hard to tailor my education towards art and media archiving and librarianship: my academic research and work experience so far has centred around digital preservation and metadata of artistic and cultural objects, photographic authenticity and access, open access and open content for the GLAM community, digital asset management and information architecture, and copyright and fair use. I hope to enter the workforce as a digital preservation, copyright, or metadata specialist. I am excited about moving back to Toronto and joining my local ARLIS/NA chapter there; I have also written for ARLIS/NA Reviews, and will (hopefully!) soon be published in ARLIS/NA Multimedia and Technology Reviews.

Outside of ARLIS/NA, I am also a member of the Museum Computer Network (which is another amazing group you should all belong to, if you care about digitization, open-access, exhibit design and technology …. ), the Association of Canadian Archivists (who are letting me speak this summer about “rogue archiving”), and the Special Libraries Association (who let me speak last year about hosting orphaned photography collections online).

I’m happy to represent Canadian professionals and students, as information on Canadian arts librarianship is extremely hard to find. It’s tough out there for a Canuck, and I’d like to make it easier.

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