Job Posting: Curator / Archivist, the Granite Club, Toronto

The Curator looks after, manages, organizes, displays and develops the Club’s physical and data-based
art, heritage and memorabilia collections.

There are no salary information, no deadline for applications, and no specifications about part-time or full-time (although there is a request for flexibility as regards evenings, weekends, and holidays).

• Working with Management and the Heritage and Art Committee, actively lead and encourage
the acquisition and donation of items for the Club’s heritage collection through outreach to the
membership and develop a process for the selection of art acquisitions. This will include writing
articles for the Granite News and website, developing and hosting heritage focussed events and
activities, and implementing new ways of celebrating Granite history and the art collection.
• Identify and classify specimens, and arrange conservation and restoration work for Heritage and
Art items.
• Implement and maintain a records management system to include all heritage and art items
within the collection.
• Oversee the organization of in-house permanent and temporary exhibitions or displays.
• Manage internal memorabilia displays.
• Oversee and maintain the implementation of an art catalogue for the membership.
• Coordinate and oversee membership auctions for decommissioned art.
• Coordinate loans of art for exhibitions when necessary.
• Coordinate art appraisals as required and ensure adequate insurance coverage of the collection.