Back to School 2014: Some essential posts for the MLIS-bound

Howdy, ArLiSNAPpers!

If you’re heading back into that heady full-schedule grad-school feeling, you might want to check out some of our greatest hits and favourite resources for making the most of your MLIS [MISt / MAS / MLS / MSLIS / I don’t even know anymore].

There’s some great info on art-hacking your MLIS in:

Discussion: What do you do if your program doesn’t offer an art librarianship track? and its part-two:

Discussion: All About Metadata

We’re also pretty invested in the future of practicums, job-shadows, and internships — hands-on experience is great, but you have to weigh your options in terms of pay, school credit, time investment, deliverables, and explicit goals:

Unpaid Internships

And, if you’re thinking about our little niche industry and its future, you might want to read:

Art Library Advocacy, Part One: Speaking Up for Libraries


You might also be thinking about data viz, visual literacy, supplemental education sources, your job prospects ….. As well as the many Calls For Proposals that go out this time of year. It’s never to early to start getting extra presentation experience and participating in professional associations.

Be sure to find your local chapter of ARLIS/NA and reach out — they’re always happy to work with students. And if you feel like starting a student chapter of ARLIS, let us know! (Here’s some idea of what that’s like.)


Over on some of the other great resources for MLIS students, there are some valuable posts on specializations such as music, art, archives, and special collections.  There are various pieces of advice and info about: internships and volunteer work; emerging careers; school-specific experiences;  and a ton of visual-resources opportunities over at VREPS.