ARLIS/NA NY Celine Palatsky Travel Fund Needs YOUR Help!

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The ARLIS/NA New York Chapter’s Celine Palatsky Travel Award ( honors the former Associate Museum Librarian of the Thomas J. Watson Library at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (1971-1999) and Treasurer of our chapter (1979-1993). Each year, this monetary award helps defray the cost of attending the ARLIS/NA conference for one, or more, members of the New York Chapter.

The New York Chapter has established a special Celine Palatsky Fund to accept donations from those who want to promote conference attendance and professional development by supporting the Celine Palatsky Travel Award.  This year we will be helping send TWO of our colleagues to the 43rd annual conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Please consider helping our chapter fund this important initiative.
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Lori Salmon
2015-2016 ARLIS/NA New York Chapter Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

Recipients of the Celine Palatsky Travel Award

2014: Lindsay King and Jina Park (Washington, D.C.)
2013: Holly Hathaway (Pasadena, CA)
2012: Meg Donabedian (Toronto, Ontario)
2011: Teresa A. Slobuski, Suzanne C. Walsh (Minneapolis, MN)
2010: Deirdre Donohue, Rosemary K. Davis, Clayton Kirking (Boston, MA)
2009: Maria Oldal (Indianapolis, IN)
2008: Cheryl M. Costello (Denver, CO)
2007: Karyn Hinkle (Atlanta, GA)
2006: Jill E. Luedke (Banff, Alberta, Canada)
2005: Lauren Edison (Houston, TX)
2004: Henry Baker, Jessica Cline, Shalimar Abigail Ordonez Fojas, Rita Nannini, and Billy Parrott (New York City,NY)
2003: Christina Peter (Baltimore, MD)
2002: Rebecca L. Kranz (St. Louis, MO)
2001: Helen Kim (Los Angeles, CA)
2000: Rebecca Wilkins (Pittsburgh, PA)

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