Job Posting: 3D Expert! (okay, okay, “IT Specialist”), Smithsonian, Landover, MD

This is a two-year term position with a salary range of $43,057 to $68,465.


  • Provides technical recommendations in the configuration and management of 3D digitization software and equipment. The incumbent is responsible for updating, and evaluating activities related to these applications and identifying problems that may exist with the systems.
  • Uses a variety of specialized 3D scanning equipment and techniques ranging from photogrammetry to short and long-range laser scanning to document museum objects, environments and collections.
  • Uses a variety of software to process acquired 3D datasets. Deliverables may include preparation of 3D models for scientific inquiry, 3D printing, CNC machining web viewing or archiving.


Your resume will be used to evaluate your experience, education, and/or training that address the competencies below:

  1. Knowledge of principles and methods for installation and maintenance of software and hardware, documenting physical configuration, the development of new hardware and software workflows and diagnosing and recovering failed systems. This includes installing and maintaining 3D digitization software and equipment.
  2. Knowledge of 3D scanning and photogrammetry equipment such as: Articulated laser arm, handheld 3D scanner, medium or long-range laser scanner (time of flight or phase shift), tripod mounted structured light or laser scanner, consumer 3D scanner (under $5000), consumer camera and digital SLR camera.
  3. Knowledge of software for the following applications: Point cloud processing, CAD modeling, 2D image processing for photogrammetry, CT data processing, digital sculpting, animation and photorealistic rendering (e.g. Geomagic, Polyworks, Faro Scene, Rhino, Autodesk PhotoReCap, Autodesk ReCap Pro, Mimics, ORS Visual, and Autodesk Entertainment Suite.)