Job Posts in Canada this week: normal-people salaries

Digital Scholarship Librarian (Humanities), University of Toronto Scarborough Library

The University of Toronto Scarborough Library invites applications for a knowledgeable and technologically adept professional to provide teaching and consultation services to support digital humanities initiatives and the projects of the Historical and Cultural Studies Department (HCS) at UTSC. Reporting to the Coordinator of the Digital Scholarship Unit (DSU) the librarian will provide project development and management, training for custom digital humanities applications, instruction on topics such as visualizations, the creation of structured data, natural language processing, and text encoding. In addition to working closely with DSU staff, this position will also meet regularly with the faculty of HCS and attend departmental meetings to gather information for the DSU and provide updates on projects and recommendations about project prioritization. The incumbent will work closely and collaboratively with the HCS Liaison Librarian.

Copyright Coordinator and Library Services Associate, Trent University, Peterborough, ON

Incumbent advises on and monitors compliance with copyright legislation; designs systems and processes to collect data to demonstrate compliance with copyright legislation, prepares and delivers presentations to Faculty and Staff on copyright responsibilities and compliance, coordinates and manages/ administers copyright approvals and related processes in Library and Media Services, and advises on University issues and direction related to copyright management in view of potential legislative and regulatory changes. The incumbent will be expected to raise the awareness of copyright requirements across campus, respond to inquiries regarding how copyrighted materials may be used, and update and apply the University’s copyright policy and fair dealing guidelines.

Ethnology Curatorial Assistant, Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, AB

The Curatorial Assistant will assist the Ethnology curatorial program by:

  • Organizing community engagement and feedback sessions.
  • Co-ordinating contacts with First Nations and Métis communities and individuals.
  • Tracking information on artifacts, images, and other materials proposed for display in a new Royal Alberta Museum history gallery and uploading information to Sharepoint.
  • Providing research support for Ethnology staff.
  • Processing new artefacts into the collection (cataloguing, photography, uploading digital photos to Museum database, preparing paper files, and storing artifacts properly).
  • Preparing materials for meetings and taking and distributing notes.
  • Providing collections and administrative support as needed.