ArLiSNAP Events at ARLIS2015



ArLiSNAP Discussion Session

Saturday March 21, 2015 5:00pm – 6:00pm
ArLiSNAP is offering a dedicated space at the Annual Conference for students and new professionals to discuss current events and issues that matter to us. The aim is to have a loose structure that encourages people to bring their own issues, questions, and opinions — a space to shape the future of ArLiSNAP, ARLIS/NA, and the profession at large.
We would love to help people carry on discussions that ran out of time in other sessions, cover materials that aren’t represented in the schedule, and make connections between established professionals / mentors and new entrants to the field. We encourage mid- and late-career librarians to attend our session and see what the next generation has on their minds. (Especially if you’re hiring, or offering internships, or teaching, or …)
This will be a social space as much as an intellectual one, so bring your business cards and be prepared to reach out to people whose ideas and opinions you share!
The best way to participate in this session is to engage with ArLiSNAP beforehand – on Twitter, on our website, on Facebook, or in person with any of our representatives at the conference – and let us know what you’d like to talk about!

We’re interested in discussion topics, lightning talks, one-minute pitches, breakout groups, mentor/mentee networking, and whatever else you’d like to propose.
We’ll be announcing our themes and discussion leaders during the conference itself, so keep an eye on the listservs and social media:

ArLiSNAP on Facebook

Twitter: @arlisnap and #arlisnap2015
(And if we’re still talking at 6pm, we might transition to dinner and drinks nearby …)

ArLiSNAP Night Out

Friday, March 20 – 8:30 pm, T&P Tavern

Join us after the Welcome Reception for some drinks and food!  Meet other students and new professionals to discuss your conference experience in an informal setting. The T&P Tavern is located just a couple blocks from the conference hotel making it a convenient walk. We hope to see you there!

ArLiSNAP Annual Meeting

The agenda for our annual meeting is available here.

We invite all members to comment with their thoughts on topics they would like to discuss.

Alternative Lodging for ARLIS2015!

Interested in coming to the ARLIS/NA Conference this March, but hoping for a cheaper stay? A few of us on the ArLiSNAP team are looking into staying at the Downtown East Motel 6.

Click here for more info.


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