VRA Job Opportunities Feed

The Visual Resources Association (VRA) lists its job opportunities here.  However, they do not offer an RSS feed. 

Q: What’s an aspiring visual resource librarian to do? 
A: Use Feedity!

Feedity allows users to easily create free RSS feeds for any webpage.  There are customizing features (more for paid users), and both free & paid users can tweak the feed to capture just the right info.

Here’s a feed for VRA’s job opportunities – http://feedity.com/rss.aspx/vraweb-org/UVtUVFVS


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Look clever & snappy with ArLiSNAP gear.

A number of members have asked where they can find ArLiSNAP gear.  Well, the answer is at


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ArLiSNAP Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010

Art Library Students and New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP)
Submitted by Co-Moderators

Bryan Loar
SC search consultants
Phone: 614-939-4240
E-mail: bryan [at] theloars [dot] com
Rosemary Davis
Pratt Institute
Email: rosemary [at] warmsilence [dot] org

The ArLiSNAP special interest group continued to innovate over the last year.  From outreach to new and existing ARLIS/NA members to various initiatives created in response to ArLiSNAP member desires, ArLiSNAP continues to position itself as an indispensable resource for art library students and new professionals.

At the 2010 annual ArLiSNAP meeting, coordinators Bryan Loar and Tracy Bergstrom solicited member feedback via a paper-based survey.  The survey was also posted online using a Google document form.  In 2011, the survey will be given again by Bryan Loar and Rosemary Davis, and there will be an emphasis on timely analysis.

In response to suggestions at the 2010 meeting, ArLiSNAP moved their presence on Facebook from a group to a page.  By doing so, ArLiSNAP automated the redistribution of blog postings to Facebook.  While Facebook’s native RSS feed import within Notes proved challenging, the use of RSS Graffiti solved importing issues and allowed ArLiSNAP coordinators to track statistics.  ArLiSNAP sent a message to the group’s members two weeks before the group’s closure indicating the need to join (i.e. “like”) the new page.  The new page was promoted on ArLiSNAP’s blog and ARLIS-L, and the effort grew the number of members by over 50.

This year’s annual ArLiSNAP meeting will be historic. On Sunday, March 27, ArLiSNAP will hold a joint meeting with student and new professional members of the VRA.  The meeting will be a forum for students and young professionals to talk about the problems, plans, and pleasures of the academic and professional worlds.  The joint meeting will give members of both organizations the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations between art librarians and visual resource curators.  So that the VRA members may solidify their own group, ArLiSNAP will also share best practices.  ArLiSNAP will also query participants to determine what kinds of new services, events, and educational opportunities are most important to emerging and developing professionals.

In 2011, ArLiSNAP initiated the process to transition from a special interest group to a section.  By becoming a section, ArLiSNAP will further solidify its incorporation into the Society and be empowered to provide a greater number of resources for its constituency.  In order to petition the transition in March, ArLiSNAP will solicit at least 30, hand-written signatures from current ARLIS/NA members at the joint VRA + ARLIS/NA conference.  Additionally, as an act of solidarity, ArLiSNAP will offer ARLIS/NA members an unofficial, online petition through Care2’s thepotitionsite.com.  Currently, online petitions are not supported by ARLIS/NA bylaws; however, the Board will be reviewing this policy in the upcoming 2011-2012 term.

ArLiSNAP has again supported the New Voices in the Profession session at VRA + ARLIS/NA’s annual conference. The New Voices panel is a truly collaborative effort this year–it features the Gerd Museham Award winners from 2010 and 2011, a speaker chosen by the Education Subcommittee of the VRA, and a fourth presenter chosen by the ARLIS/NA Professional Development subcommittee and ArLiSNAP.   Rosemary Davis worked with Maggie Portis, Assistant Librarian at the New York School of Interior Design, to review essays submitted by students and young professionals from all over the country.  The chosen speaker, Kathryn Pierce, is an IMLS Preservation Fellow, at the University of Texas at Austin School of Information.  She will present a paper entitled, “You Need More Fingers Than Ten: Collaborating to Document Architectural Practice”.  ArLiSNAP looks forward to participating in the panel selection again next year and highlighting emerging stars in the field.

Touchpoints with new and renewing members continued to play a key role in solidifying ArLiSNAP’s presence within ARLIS/NA.  As a result of notifications sent by TEI to Bryan Loar regarding those members interested in ArLiSNAP, the group was able to significantly raise awareness of ArLiSNAP through our standardized email response.  In all, over 300 responses were sent out, prompting additional dialogue with a number of ARLIS/NA members.

The feasibility of being hosted by TEI, ARLIS/NA’s management company, was further investigated.  Bryan Loar, also ArLiSNAP’s Senior Site Administrator, has been in contact with TEI’s management, and he was told in 2010 that hosting WordPress was not feasible due to TEI’s IIS servers.  However, In February, 2011, one of the senior members of TEI indicated that recent upgrades may allow WordPress.  Bryan will continue to research in March and report to ArLiSNAP members.

ArLiSNAP has again provided resources for first-time conference attendees.  ArLiSNAP’s conference survival guide wiki (http://snapconference.pbworks.com) was updated with new graphics and content related to the joint VRA & ARLIS/NA conference in Minneapolis.  It is hoped that corresponding brochures will be distributed at the conference’s First Time Attendee Orientation as well as through the information desk near registration.

ArLiSNAP also organized the conference pub stop, now in its 6th year.  This year’s location is still to be determined.  Promotional graphics were designed by Bryan Loar, and the event was publicized on ARLISN/NA’s Facebook page, VRA’s Facebook page, and on ArLiSNAP at http://arlisnap.org/2011/02/24/arlisnap-pub-stop-2011.

ArLiSNAP Site Statistics as of Monday, February 28, 2011
Total Unique Members: 107
Average Site Hits per Day 2010: 89
Total Site Hits for the Year 2010: 32,422
Total Average RSS Feed Subscribers from WordPress and Feedburner: 157
Total Email Subscribers from WordPress and Feedburner: 72

ArLiSNAP Section Petition

Dear ArLiSNAPers,

For over seven years, Art Library Students and New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP) has provided students, new professionals, and even seasoned ARLIS/NA members a forum and a platform to discuss challenges and to promote opportunities for our next generation.

As you know, ArLiSNAP enriches the Society by providing valuable programming and support to annual conference sessions and services.  ArLiSNAP is or has been involved in New Voices in the Profession, Backpack to Briefcase,  Hot Topics for Librarians in the Arts, Trends in Technologies and Services in Libraries, Engaging New Technologies, Web 2.0 Kiosk, What-to-Expect webinars, and resume workshops.  ArLiSNAP provides levity and comradeship with our annual Pub Stop, now in its seventh year.  And a number of current and former members have taken on important leadership roles within the Society.

Now we need your help.  ArLiSNAP is formally petitioning to change its classification from an ARLIS/NA Special Interest Group (SIG) to a Section. By doing so, ArLiSNAP will become more integral within the Society and be able to provide an even greater level of service.

ArLiSNAP members will formally collect at least 30, hand-written petition signatures at this year’s annual conference.  However, informally, we’d like to invite you to easily show your support right now at


Thank you for your continued support of ArLiSNAP.  Without it, we would not be able to provide ARLIS/NA’s next generation with the community, innovation, and empowerment necessary to be successful professionals and Society advocates.


Bryan Loar and Rosemary Davis

ArLiSNAP Coordinators

Library Student Journal Volunteer Opportunities

Apply to work on Library Student Journal!

Library Student Journal is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal that is entirely student-run and student-written. Working for Library Student Journal is a way to be actively involved in supporting student research and open-access scholarly publishing. Besides the benefit of building your resume, you will learn about the workings of academic publishing and be exposed to a wide range of interesting student research. All LSJ staff members also have the opportunity (though not the obligation) to contribute to the blog.

All positions are voluntary, and work is done using the Open Journal Systems online interface, or via email. Because we review and publish articles on a rolling basis, the time commitment is variable, but it averages 10-12 hours/month. As this is a student publication, all staff must be currently enrolled in an LIS degree program.

To apply for any LSJ position, please send a cover letter and resume/CV to the Editor in Chief at librarystudentjournal [at] gmail.com. The name of the position you’re interested in should be part of the subject line. Priority will be given to applications received by March 20.

The following positions are currently available:

Editorial Review Board
LSJ seeks to publish the best papers from library and information science students worldwide, and to serve as a forum for discussion of LIS education, training, career paths, and future trends.  Editorial Review Board members play a crucial role in this process by reviewing several articles a semester for the journal and helping the editor when a reviewer is needed in a pinch.  LSJ replies on the experience of these members to evaluate quality research and maintain the high standards of the journal. Doctoral students in LIS fields are preferred for this position. LSJ is seeking 2-3 Editorial Review Board members.

Layout Editor
The layout editor will create HTML documents for the online publication of journal articles, using established templates and documentation, based on Microsoft Word documents that have been peer-reviewed and edited. These documents will be translated into printable PDF versions.  After this process, the layout editor will enter metadata into the online publication system (a Dublin Core-based scheme), edit the author-supplied abstract or create a new one as appropriate, and select subject terms from a controlled vocabulary to enable searching and browsing. LSJ is seeking 3 Layout Editors.

Section Editor
Section Editors guide manuscripts submitted to the Articles section of the journal through the peer-review process. Section Editors choose suitable reviewers for each paper then use the completed reviews to inform their acceptance decision. In the process, Section Editors work closely with authors of submitted manuscripts to revise their work to an acceptable standard, based on reviewer comments and their own revision requests. LSJ is seeking 2 Section Editors.

Copyeditors work with authors of accepted manuscripts to improve the style, grammar, and organization of their papers. A successful copyeditor has an excellent eye for detail, an ability to see the big picture, and the ability to communicate revision requests to authors in a respectful manner. LSJ is seeking 2 copyeditors.

Proofreaders review copy edited manuscripts for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and proper LSJ format. A successful proofreader will have an excellent eye for detail. LSJ is seeking 3 proofreaders.

Marketing Manager
This is a new position. The person hired as LSJ’s new Marketing Manager will have the opportunity to shape and define the position and will work closely with the Editor in Chief, the Publisher, and the Webmasters to contribute substantively to LSJ’s content, image, and future. The Marketing Manager will be responsible for generating awareness and excitement about LSJ in the larger LIS community through building connections, enhancing LSJ’s presence on social media sites, helping to generate blog content, and participating in long-term planning. This is an essential position and thus will involve a commensurately greater time commitment. Applicants who can commit to at least a year in the position will be given priority.

Peer Reviewer

We need as many reviewers as possible representing as many different areas of LIS as possible!  Reviewers serve as referees in the peer-review process for articles and give valuable input on article submissions. They help editors decide whether to accept or reject a submission, and they give authors feedback on how to improve articles to make them publication-ready.

David L Phelp’s Amazing Sculpture

Video: Ralph Ellison Maquette by David L. Phelps

David Phelps submitted this maquette to Ralph Ellison Library Public Art Competition in Oklahoma City. “The finished piece will be triple this size and fabricated from steel, cast bronze, & porcelain.”  The bust appears to turn as the viewer moves.

ARLIS/NA Chat: Meet Me In Minneapolis

ARLIS/NA Lunchtime Chats

These chats will last 30-45 minutes and are open to anyone interested in
issues related to art & design librarianship, visual resources,
and related issues.  Chats are hosted on Meebo.  For more information, please go to http://www.arlisna.org/chats/index.html

Meet Me In Minneapolis: The 2011 VRA + ARLIS-NA Joint Conference

Friday, March 18, 2011, 11am Pacific – 12pm Mountain – 1pm Central – 2pm Eastern

Jessica McIntyre, Assistant Librarian, Minneapolis Institute of Arts; Local Committee Co-Chair, Program
Rebecca Moss, Coordinator of Visual Resources, University of Minnesota; Local Committee Co-Chair, Local Arrangements
Heidi Raatz, Visual Resources Librarian, Minneapolis Institute of Arts;
VRA Vice President for Conference Program; Local Committee Co-Chair,

Are you headed to Minneapolis? Then join us for a chat about the
ARLIS-NA and VRA communities and our shared conference. Planning
committee representatives from both organizations will provide
information about what to expect at this exciting event. Whether you are
involved with VRA or ARLIS-NA (or both!), please join us to ask
questions and share advice in this informal and informative discussion.

Learn more about….

  • What’s special about the VRA + ARLIS-NA joint conference
  • Resources that are available for first-time conference attendees
  • Tips for networking at the conference
  • Fun things to do in Minneapolis
  • How to get involved in the ARLIS-NA and VRA organizations

Intern Opportunity at Ohio Historical Society

The Museum and Library Services Division at the Ohio Historical Society has the following internships available:


Digital Service Department Interns


Working with the Digital Services Team, interns will perform the following tasks:


·         Digitization of photographic and printed materials

·         Metadata entry including item level research, and

·         Performing quality control checks of digitized materials


Successful candidates must be available between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Currently, there are two $1,000 stipend positions available. Stipends will be awarded at the completion of 200 hours of service.

To apply, please complete a volunteer application, which can be downloaded at: http://www.ohiohistory.org/about/vol.html and submit a resume. Applicants should also include a cover letter that states the position they are applying for and why they would like to be considered. Please send all application materials to Mary Cannon at mcannon [at] ohiohistory.org


Applications will be reviewed beginning Friday, February 25, 2011 and will be considered until positions are filled.


Thank you for your interest in the Ohio Historical Society. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call For Papers: “Writing With Images: An Art Symposium”

Call For Papers:  “Writing With Images: An Art Symposium”
Submission deadline: March 18, 2011
Symposium date: April 22, 2011
Host: Graduate Program in Visual Culture, School of Art, College of Fine
Arts, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
Contact: Lisa Phillips   llphill [at] ilstu.edu
Submission website: http://www.writingwithimages.wordpress.com

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: “Writing With Images: An Art Symposium”

We invite proposals for papers and presentations from graduate and
advanced undergraduate students for Writing With Images, a student
research symposium sponsored by the Graduate Program in Visual Culture,
School of Art, College of Fine Arts, Illinois State University.

The Symposium is being held in honor of Dr. Annette Lermack, Associate
Professor of Art History, upon her retirement from ISU.

THEME: Over the past twenty years a good deal of debate has centered on
the so-called split between traditional art historical analysis and the
newer milieu of visual culture. This year the field of visual culture
studies has been declared dead–at least in theory–by some of the same
people, such as James Elkins, who breathed life into the budding field
of study. Yet at the same time prominent visual culture scholars such as
Irit Rogoff and Sunil Manghani are calling for a shift in the
relationship between writing and the image: a shift from writing about
the image to writing with the image.  Such a shift seeks to disrupt the
hierarchical nature of much scholarly analysis of images and to allow
the image to “speak for itself”: to attend to the ways that images
exceed or resist total apprehension/comprehension by language. Manghani
(2008) has proposed the term ?image critique? as a new kind of “living
methodology” that responds to these concerns.

This symposium asks what is might mean to write with images or to allow
images to “speak for themselves.” To date, no local attempt has been
made to draw various strands of inquiry together to identify specific
qualities of image critique. This symposium will begin to address this
deficit by exploring creative reconsiderations of the relationship
between text and image, writing and looking, theory and practice. What
must our research and writing practices take into account in order to
engage with images on their own terms? What new kinds of thinking do
images invite?

Successful submissions will reflect issues ranging from current debates
regarding what Manghani terms “image critique” as a source of creative
input for Visual Culture, Art History, Studio Practice, and Art
Education.  Participants will share cutting edge research and practices
that illuminate areas of overlap between the respective disciplines. The
symposium is a space to highlight the scholarly pursuits of students
representing the visual culture and visual art.
Graduate and advanced undergraduate students of all disciplines are
encouraged to apply, especially (but not limited to) visual culture, art
history, studio artists, and art education.

The one-day symposium will take place at Illinois State University
Gallery with a concurrent morning session in the Center for Visual Arts,
Room 201, located on the campus of Illinois State University at Normal,
Illinois. There will be a keynote address by Dr. Kristine Nielsen, the
Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Illinois at

This call is addressed primarily to students in Central Illinois and
vicinity–we are unable to offer lodging for overnight stays, although
we can recommend local hotels upon request.

See the website for abstract submission and symposium details.

We hope you can join us!

Lisa Phillips
ISU School of Art

VRA + ARLIS/NA Conference Survival Guide

Get tips on networking, stretching your dollars, & orienting yourself for this year’s conference.  Although historically geared towards ARLIS/NA members, many will find the information useful for our joint conference.


Elections: ArLiSNAP Coordinator 2011-2013 Sought


(Polls Close at 11:59 p.m., Monday, March 21st)

Art Library Students and New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP) seeks candidates for its next  Coordinator.

The Coordinator position is an opportunity for a student or new professional (graduated 2006 or later) to develop their leadership skills while providing a valuable service to ARLIS/NA.

ArLiSNAP’s next Coordinator will serve a term of two years beginning Monday, March 28th, and the individual will serve along with ArLiSNAP’s current 2010-2012 coordinator, Rosemary Davis.

Coordinator responsibilities include advancing the concerns of students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA, facilitating special projects, and organizing ArLiSNAP’s annual meeting activities for the national ARLIS/NA conference. The future coordinator will be heavily involved with the administration of the ArLiSNAP site and will serve as a representative and liaison between ArLiSNAP and other groups within, and outside, ARLIS/NA.  Candidates do not need to be present at the Minneapolis meeting in order to run.

For more information and to submit your candidacy, please visit ArLiSNAP at http://www.arlisnap.org

To announce your candidacy, please comment on this post with a short biography, including the merits you would bring to this position, your professional or educational experience, and your thoughts on future goals for students and new professionals within ARLIS/NA.  Please post your candidacy by Sunday, March 13th.

Elections will be held using SurveyMonkey from Monday, March 14th through Monday, March 21st. The results will be announced on Tuesday, March 22th.

If you have questions about the position or the election, please feel free to contact current coordinators,  Bryan Loar or Rosemary Davis.


(Polls Close at 11:59 p.m., Sunday, May 16th)

Go to the Fashion Library!

Video: ewserk’s xtranomral video on user services at a particular fashion library (sounds like Heston, but I must be completely off).

Art Libraries as New Design Resources

Video: housewaresShow’s video that showcases “china-ware that focuses on the very vintage tea party trend and Victoria & Albert Museum tableware where old style patented designs from the V&A art library are reproduced for a contemporary feel.”

ArLiSNAP Pub Stop 2011

Calling on all volunteers & those who know Minneapolis!

We need your help for ArLiSNAP’s next pub stop. We’re looking for a destination that can handle up to 30 librarians who enjoy libations. Last year’s participants estimated around 25. Might we have more when mixing with VRA?

We’ve chosen Saturday, March 26th as the best night for the stop. We call it a “stop” because, over the years, the crawl of multiple different locals has given way to relaxing with good company at just one spot. Of course, the more adventurous are free to move on. We’ll provide a customized Google map for those going to the chosen bar and add other suggestions for the pioneering.

Please make your suggestions below in the comments.


Art Libraries as Art Commissioners

Video: 00testes’ video for Archive FeverArchive Fever was “originally created as part of a project for The Special Collection at The Nation Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum.”

Museums & Social Issues Publishing Opportunities

Museums & Social Issues, a peer-reviewed journal published by Left Coast
Press, is pleased to share a sneak peek at several potential themes for
future issues of the journal (below). We welcome your feedback and invite
you to contact MSI’s editor, Kris Morrissey, if you are interested in
submitting, reviewing or helping with any of these topics

*Future Topics:*

   *Being Human:* How does current research shape and inform what it
   means to be human? How is “being human” studied and viewed today
   in the fields of philosophy, cognition, computer science, biology
   and others? How are we as individuals, museums and a society
   connecting with and grappling with changing ideas of our human-ness?

   *Prisons* *& US:* The United States has the highest proportion of
   our population in prison. What does this reflect about our
   society? How are prisons experienced by those within? How has the
   concept and practice of prison shaped our music, literature,
   identity? How have museums reflected life in prisons or served
   populations within prisons?

   *Aging:* How does aging affect the way we live in the 21st
   century? What are the implications of aging on government,
   relationships, and family structures? How is research changing our
   assumptions about aging? What are the implications of an aging
   population on museums and other cultural and educational

   *Homelessness*: Who are the homeless and what is the path to
   homelessness? What is the daily life and culture of the homeless?
   What are the rights, hopes and future for those without homes? How
   do museums connect with and tell the stories of these audiences?

   *Exhibit, Book or Program Reviews:* The journal is always
   interested in reviews of exhibit, books and museum projects that
   address these or any other questions or issues of concern to society.

For information about submissions and deadlines contact:
journaleditor [at] me.com

Editor: Kris Morrissey (Morriss8 [at] uw.edu)

Managing Editor: Alex Curio

VRA + ArLiSNAP Students and New Professionals Meeting 2011

ArLiSNAP and VRA Studendts New Librarians Annual Meeting

We cordially invite you to join us at the next joint meeting between the Visual Resource Association (VRA) and the Art Library Students and New ARLIS Professionals (ArLiSNAP).

This will be a historic occasion as it will be the first, national meeting between the students and new professionals of the VRA & the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA).

Our agenda will include informal introductions; discussions regarding potential collaboration,  group dynamics and best practices; and separate breakouts for the respective groups to discuss specific needs.

Bryan Loar, ArLiSNAP Coordinator
Elaine Paul, VRA Membership Committee Chair
Melanie Clark, VRA Membership Committee’s liaison to students and new professionals
Rosemary Davis, ArLiSNAP Coordinator

Annual Meeting

Saturday, March 27, 2011 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. CST

Exact location TBD
Hilton Minneapolis Downtown, 1001 Marquette Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Visit our meeting event on Sched for updates regarding location & to see other participants.

Until then, we’ll see you at vraweb.org & arlisnap.org

Pushing Current Awareness

Video: librarylackey’s March [2009] New Books in the Charles Voorhies Fine Art Library at Pacific Northwest College of Art

How do you/would you push new content to your constituents.  Is it dynamic?  Can it be easily shared?  Is it fully or partially automated?

Taylor & Francis: Free Access to All Visual Arts Journals in Februrary

Check it out while you still can.  A lot of great titles are included like the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics.


Ohio Historical Society Paid Internship

The Ohio Historical Society is seeking applicants for a 200-hour paid internship. The intern will assist registrar’s office staff with the review and organization of collections documentation.

Duties will include:

Reviewing collections documentation in paper and digital formats.

Organizing information from paper records in an Access database.

Connecting accession and donor information with object records.

Assisting with other collections management projects.

We are seeking applicants that are interested in obtaining professional experience in the management and documentation of museum and archival collections.

The preferred candidate will be a current student in, or recent graduate from, a program of study in library and information science; history; public history or museum studies. Candidates with related experience or coursework may be considered.

The internship will begin as soon as the position is filled. The intern will need to be available for 15-20 hours per week, and will receive a $1000 stipend at the completion of the project.

Those interested in applying should send a cover letter and resume to Mary Cannon, Lead Volunteer Coordinator at the Ohio Historical Society, at mcannon [at] ohiohistory.org. Mary can also be reached for questions at 614-297-2392.