ArLiSNAP Calendar

Important Dates for ArLiSNAP members & admins.





New ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator Process

  • One new Co-Moderator each year serves for two years
  • Call for ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator Candidates
    • Make call 3 weeks before the conference week on ARLIS-L, ARLIS/NA Facebook group, (feeds should automatically go out to Twitter and Facebook)
    • Hold candidacy  submissions for 2 weeks
    • Candidates submit via the comments of the call’s post
  • Election of ArLiSNAP Co-Moderator
    • Begin voting  on the Monday before the conference week
    • Survey Monkey has been used in the past and old elections can be easily reused for new ones
  • Announce the new Co-Moderator
      • Announce the new Co-Moderator on Monday of the conference week
      • Announce on ARLIS-L, ARLIS/NA Facebook group,
      • Send an email to the ARLIS/NA webmaster to update the site.
      • Notify TEI association specialist that the contact for ArLiSNAP is now the second-year coordinator
  • Update Google Apps accounts
    • Current volunteer’s name for webmaster [at]
    • Current volunteer’s name for co-chair1 [at] OR co-chair 2 [at] (which ever is being replaced)
    • Make sure email forwarding is updated if used for any of the accounts
  • Post meeting minutes and annual report on
  • Domain Name registration renewal due to (auto-renewal)
  • WordPress domain mapping renewal (NOT automatically renewed)


  • ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
    • ArLiSNAP-relevant events include:
      • ArLiSNAP Annual Meeting
      • New Voices in the Profession Panel
      • First Time Attendees Orientation
      • Pub Crawl
      • Meet the Vendors Program
      • Conference Mentoring Program
      • Year-long Mentoring Program
  • ArLiSNAP Co-Moderators follow up with new contacts and volunteers.  Set volunteer expectations and responsibilities for the following year.
  • ARLIS/NA Conference Proposals Due for following year
  • Investigate what is necessary to procure an ArLiSNAP meeting room at the next ARLIS/NA conference
  • After coordinators review, submit meeting minutes to conference proceedings editor



  • ARLIS/NA Special Funding Requests Deadline
  • Deadline is either July, August or the beginning of September; watch ARLIS-L
  • Guidelines



  • Back to School ArLiSNAP email sent to LIS programs




3 Comments on “ArLiSNAP Calendar”

  1. Janine Henri says:

    The AASL 2009 Annual Conference
    will be held in Portland, Oregon
    March 26-29, 2009


  2. Susan says:

    College Art Association Annual Conference will be February 25-28 2009 in L.A.


  3. Bryan Loar says:

    If we ever move to hosting our own site, it would be nice to incorporate a Google calendar.


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