Patricia Gimenez – ARLIS/NA 1st Timer Experience

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Patricia Gimenez, attendee & ArLiSNAP follower, wrote about her experience at the annual conference here.

Armed with my ArLiSNAP Conference Survival Guide brochure, a packed schedule, and a folder full of resumes, I arrived at the Boston World Trade Center on Friday evening open to any and all experiences.

Thanks for the shout out Patricia.  We hope you had a great time, and we look forward to seeing you in Minneapolis too!

Did you write about your experience, or would you like to share about what you liked/disliked about the annual conference?  Please write and/or post a link in the comments!


Minutes from Boston meeting

Please find minutes from our recent discussion at the annual conference below.  Feel free to leave questions, comments, or corrections!

ArLiSNAP Special Interest Group Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2010, 2:30-3:30pm
ARLIS/NA annual conference, Boston, MA

Meeting called to order at approximately 2:35pm.  Twenty-five people in attendance.

For the second year, a survey was developed to gauge members’ needs, concerns, and preferences.  At the start of the meeting, each meeting participant (with the co-moderators as the exeption) completed a survey.  Additionally, an electronic version of the survey was announced on ARLIS-L,, and ArLiSNAP’s Facebook page.  The electronic survey will be open until May 3.  After which time, the results will be posted on and ArLiSNAP’s Facebook page.  The co-moderators will prompt a group analysis and solicit comments in the post.

Discussion topics:

Co-moderators report of past year’s activities, including activities by Tracy and Bryan and by those who volunteered at 2009’s meeting for additional positions.  Based on suggestion, a volunteer directory will be posted to blog in future.

Mentorship discussed as an opportunity that can profit both mentors and mentees.  Suggestion raised that mentorship opportunity be created for those that would like a mentor with experience and leadership in the profession in exchange for providing technical assistance and contributing knowledge about emerging technologies.

Topics of interest for future conferences include: deciding between professional or support staff positions and resume review sessions.

Relevance of job posting on blog discussed since so few jobs are coming on the market at the moment.  Consensus in discussion was that should continue posting. has become a destination for job postings because its service collocates specific art-related postings from multiple sources.  As a result, users save time by visiting

Suggestions for additional content for the blog include more workshop content, including regional and web-based opportunities.

The relevance of using the blog as a discussion tool was talked about in detail.  Some in attendance articulated that they didn’t feel comfortable expressing uncertainty about topics in a public sphere.   Those in attendance were encouraged to keep posting relevant resources that would be of interest to others with the goal of encouraging the dissemination of information.  Stats show that posts are being actively read, even if replies are scarce.

Outreach was also discussed.  A question emerged as to how to best reach out to chapters and/or student groups of potential members at individual universities.   Chapter representatives in attendance are encouraging that ArLiSNAP be in contact directly with schools.  One possible solution to this might be to have a future volunteers designated as student-liaisons.

Call for election of new co-moderator will be posted to blog within a week after the meeting date (May 2, 2010).  Applicants will have the opportunity to post their nominations to over a one-week period, and the election will be held from the May 10th to the 17th.  Final results will be announced to the elected co-moderator and posted on the blog on May 18th.  Any interested candidates are encouraged to apply or to contact Tracy or Bryan with questions.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

CMO’s Guide to the Social Landscape

Folks are all over this graphic here at the Tech Kiosk, so I’m re-posting it here so that everyone has a chance to look.  Its original location is here.



ArLiSNAP Meeting UPDATE!!!


Our meeting location has changed.  We will now meet in the Waterford 2 & 3 on Sunday at 2:30.

For agenda info, etc., please go to

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Internship Award Open Forum at Conference


Please join the ARLIS/NA Internship Award Sub-committee and previous winners of the Internship Award at an open forum discussing applying for the award and internship experiences Saturday April 24 at 5:00pm in Commonwealth CD,  Section C.

The members of the ARLIS/NA Internship Award Sub-Committee

Rina Vecchiola (chair)

Greta Bahnemann

Amy Ballmer

Eumie Imm Stroukoff

Martha González Palacios

Announcing the 2010 ArLiSNAP Pub Stop!

We’re pleased to announce this year’s Pub Stop event, scheduled for Friday, April 23. We’ll plan to depart from the Welcome Party at around 9pm and head over to The Barking Crab, located at 88 Sleeper Street about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. A map is included on our crustacean-adorned fliers (see above), which will be distributed at the registration desk and newbie orientation event next week.

For those attending the conference for the first time, the Pub event is organized by ArLiSNAP to promote general introductions and levity amongst members. We sincerely hope to see you there.


Recorder Needed: The Engaged Librarian

I too, am looking for a recorder for our panel discussion at the annual conference.

Our discussion is on Saturday the 24th in the 1-2:30pm slot :

Session E:
The Engaged Librarian: Knowledge, Outreach, and Integration for Targeted Service
Two librarians share their research findings and solutions to the difficult problem of getting fine arts faculty and students into the library. By employing different service outreach techniques which specifically targeted these users unique needs, our panelists increased patron knowledge of library resources as well as improved the visibility and perceived value of the library and its staff. Attendees will enjoy lively presentations and take away methodologies which they can apply to their organizations.
Sylvia Welsh, Librarian/Archivist, Payette Associates
Thesis Committees: Integrating Instruction and Research Into Studio Culture
Yuki Hibben, Collection Librarian for the Arts, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University
Improving Outreach to Graduate Students: Learning from Graduate Fellows
Dena Kinney, Director, Outreach and Research Services Fine Arts and Design, Fine Arts and Design Library, University Libraries, University of New Mexico

Sylvia Welsh, MS LIS, Librarian, LEED AP BD+C
Tel: 617-895-1148 Fax: 617-895-1002

swelsh [at] payette [dot] com

P  A  Y  E  T  T  E
285 Summer Street Boston MA 02210
Main Tel: 617-895-1000 Main Fax: 617-895-1002

Recorder Needed: Confronting the Future

Good morning!   I, too, am seeking a recorder for Session A: “Confronting the Future: Articulating Purpose, Documenting Value” to be held on Saturday, April 24, from 9:00-10:00 AM.   This session will feature two of your favorite colleagues–Jeanne Brown and Jolene de Verges–known for their wisdom and insight in creatively confronting challenging times like these.    Please contact me if you are interested in recording the session, described below:

Confronting the Future: Articulating Purpose, Documenting Value
In this time of great economic uncertainty and fear for the survival of libraries as we know them, we look for creative ways of “future-proofing” the art library and visual resources professions. Whether defending branch services and collections from the onslaught of internal budget cuts, or reshaping our visual resources services and collections to meet the changing external market, we are compelled to identify and effectively share how our libraries are valued. Jeanne Brown will address strategies for using and presenting data within the library and to the larger institution. Jolene de Verges will present ARTstor’s “Shared Shelf” as a model that is giving rise to radically altered roles for VR professionals, and will suggest ways to influence how the future takes shape, both in our institutions and at ARTstor.
Betsy Peck Learned, Associate Dean of University Library Services, Roger Williams University
Demonstrating Library Value in a Period of Retrenchment
Jeanne Brown, Head, Architecture Studies Library, Art Librarian, Assessment Librarian, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Revolutionary Models for Managing and Sharing Image Collections: What’s Our Future as Image Professionals?
Jolene De Verges, Images Librarian, Rotch Library of Architecture and Planning, MIT

Thank you,

Betsy Peck

Learned Associate Dean of University Libraries Roger Williams University 1 Old Ferry Rd.

elearned [at] rwu [dot] edu

Recorder Needed: Revisiting the Past, Embracing the Future

Hello Arlisians,
I will be moderating a session at the Boston conference called
Revisiting the Past, Embracing the Future, which takes place on
Saturday afternoon from 3-4 pm.  We are seeking an enthusiastic
individual to record the session — any takers?  Please see the
session description,  below, for more information.

Session F:
Revisiting the Past, Embracing the Future

Presented by:
Patricia Kosco Cossard and Kimberly Detterbeck, Architecture,
Planning, & Preservation Librarian and Visual Arts Reference and
Instruction Librarian, University of Maryland College Park and
Frostburg State University
Jolene de Verges and Allison Benedetti, Images Librarian and Project
Librarian, Rotch Library of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology

This session explores two innovative uses of technology to address the
challenges associated with acquiring, cataloging, managing and
delivering digital archival materials unique to the fields of
architecture and archaeology. One presentation will address the
preservation of proprietary CAD models in an effort to properly
document modern architectural practice. The other will describe how
new technologies and partnerships with archaeologists can transform
the traditional methods utilized by field researchers to access
spatial, visual and textual information. In addition, the session will
address opportunities for librarians to develop relationships with new
communities and translate their skills to meet the evolving and
complex arenas of highly specialized formats and data.

Best wishes,

Jamie Lausch
University of Michigan

University Library Associate
Art, Architecture and Engineering Library

Curatorial Research Center Librarian and Art Handler
Museum of Art

Candidate for MSI, April 2010
School of Information

jlausch [at] umich [dot] edu

Don’t Forget: “Boston Bound” Online Chat This Friday!

Whether you are new to ARLIS/NA, are simply attending your first conference or are a long-time veteran of the conference, please join Brian Loar and Jennifer Friedman to learn more about what to expect, or to share your own sage advice.

Lunchtime Chat, This Friday, April 9th, 2010:

ARLIS/NA 101: Boston Bound
Accessible, informative, and fun. This chat will cover the basics of ARLIS/NA community and its annual conference. Learn what makes ARLIS/NA fabulous, get insider tips for navigating the conference, and learn ways to get involved.

Moderators: Bryan Loar, Ann Whiteside, Jennifer Friedman

April 9th, 2010, 11am Pacific – 12pm Mountain – 1pm Central – 2pm Eastern

  1. What are your expectations and what do you want to gain from the conference?
  2. What resources are available for first-time conference attendees?
  3. What’s there to do in Boston?
  4. What makes ARLIS/NA unique?
  5. How can I get involved?

Instructions on how to use Meebo chat software are included on the Chats page:
Transcripts of previous chats are also available on the Chats page.

Recorder Needed: Alternative Access

More opportunities to network & get to know great people…

I’m looking for a recorder for Session B:  Alternative Access:  Audio Descriptions & Visual Searching of Digital Image Collections.  The session is on Saturday, April 24 from 9-10.  The session will introduce two exciting new projects so if you’re interested in attending and serving as a recorder, please email off-list.  Thanks.   Angela Weaver    *************************************************
Angela Weaver
Head, Drama Library and
Acting Head, Art Library
145 Hutchinson
Box 353950
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195
aw6 [at] u [dot] washington [dot] edu

Recorder needed: Divide and Collaborate

Dear colleagues,

I am seeking a recorder for Session L: Divide and Collaborate: Building Digital Collections One Piece at a Time

Sunday, April 25, 10:00-11:00am

Please let me know if you’re interested!



Elizabeth Darocha Berenz

ARTstor User Services Associate | Outreach and Instruction Librarian

elizabeth [dot] berenz [at]

Recorder Needed: Seeing Past and Present Anew

Volunteering is a great way to network and meet really interesting folks.  Check out the opportunity below – BL

Hi everybody,

I am moderating the session “Seeing Past and Present Anew: Animating the Archive” with the presenters Michael Mittelman and Peter Blank, and am looking for a recorder. Your task would be to capture a succinct summary of the session. Since many of you will likely already taking notes, it shouldn’t be too much of an extra effort to make those available for the benefit of the larger ARLIS community. 🙂

Please e-mail me directly if you are interested – details on the session are below.

Much thanks,


waibelg [at] oclc [dot] org

Part of the City Experience @ MIT

1:45pm – 3:15pm

Seeing Past and Present Anew: Animating the Archive

Traditionally the “archive” is thought of as a treasure trove of primary source materials, developed via an ongoing cumulation and classification that, over time, allows researchers to triangulate in their investigations into past cultural practices. The Future Archive Project at MIT expands this notion by documenting artists’ methods of creation and collaboration so other artists, historians, and theorists can view artistic process as works are created via a Web portal, not years later. At Stanford a reconceptualization of “collection” from an incrementally increasing aggregate to an ever reconstituting and redefining mass of cultural detritus redefines collection development and instructional practices.

Michael Mittelman, Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Founder and Publisher of ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peter Blank, Head Librarian, Stanford University Art & Architecture Library

ARLIS/SE Professional Development Travel Award

ARLIS /SE  Professional Development Travel Award

The award’s purpose is to cultivate a talented, dedicated, and educated group of professionals for the ARLIS/NA organization as well as the ARLIS/SE chapter. Funds from this award may be used to pay for travel, lodging, registration and meals associated with professional development activities at the annual ARLIS/NA conference.

Applicants must currently reside in the geographic area served by the ARLIS/SE chapter (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the U.S. Virgin Islands). Membership in ARLIS/SE and ARLIS/NA at the time of application is not required, although preference will be given to current ARLIS/SE members. Applicants must also currently be either employed in the field of art librarianship and/or visual resources curatorship, or enrolled in an educational program leading to a graduate degree. Current students, individuals beginning their professional career within the field of Art Information in the past five years, and paraprofessionals who are becoming active in ARLIS/NA or ARLIS/SE for the first time may be included. Any individual meeting these criteria may apply for the award; however first-time attendees are given preference. Recipients of the award may not reapply in future years.

The travel award recipient is expected to:
1. Participate in the ARLIS/NA Conference Networking program (if they have not previously done so).
2. Attend the ARLIS/SE Chapter meeting at the annual ARLIS/NA conference.
3. Submit a written report on his or her conference activities within one month of the conference.
This report should be submitted to the ARLIS/SE webmaster to be posted on the ARLIS/SE webpage.

Applications must be received by midnight on Monday, February 22nd, 2010.

For more information, contact Sarah Carter : scarter2 [at] ringling [dot] edu

Application website:

The ARLIS/NA 2010 Annual Conference

ARLIS/ New England


The ARLIS/NA 2010 annual conference

Boston, April 23-26

at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center.


you won’t want to miss this one.

The conference program is innovative and engaging.

The city rich in art, architecture, and culture, traditional and contemporary.

Preliminary information is available now on the conference web site:

Much more to follow soon!

arlisna2010 Conference 1st Time Attendee Suggestions


Rachel Resnik and Hannah Bennett are developing content for the 1st Timers section of the conference website.  They definitely liked our Conference Survival Guide, and are interested in content that could be useful, informative, and/or fun.  Please list your suggestions in the comments sections below.  We’ll make sure that they see them.

Here was my response:

Thanks for reaching out to us! Conferences are perfect for scavenger hunts (fun category). Learn more about ARLIS/NA through one?

Definitely a pdf of the survival guide on the site…maybe an html version with the pdf so folks can print? We’ll make sure that you get the most up-to-date version in the next 2 weeks.

I’ll post something on ArLiSNAP and see if any SNAPers have suggestions.

It would be interesting if you took a 1st timer and asked them to journal their experience from start to finish on their personal blog. We could then pipe in updates (through an RSS widget subscribed to a particular tag that person assigns for the posts) & link to that persons blog. I think something like this might give a very personal/human connection to other 1st timers. If it turns out to be a positive experience for the blogger, then we’ll have a brand advocate and member for life. This is something akin to what I did for my 3M/NMRT grant

There might be some info that you could parse from Lauren Pressley’s breakdown of ACRL’s 1st time attendee orientation meeting –

You could also reach out to Merinda Hensley, Convener, ACRL New Member Discussion Group, mhensle1 [at] illinois [dot] edu – she was listed on ALA’s 2009 conference wiki under the 1st timers & new members section: