Chapter News: ARLIS/NA Upstate New York name change and new logo


      ARLIS Western New York is now ARLIS Upstate New York! 

At the ARLIS/NA mid-year meeting on September 26, the Executive Board approved the proposal of the ARLIS/NA Western New York Chapter to change its name to ARLIS/NA Upstate New York Chapter. At the ARLIS Western New York fall business meeting on October 3, chapter members unanimously voted to officially change the name of their chapter effective January 1, 2014.

The name ARLIS Western New York did not accurately represent the location of many of the current members of the group who are in Eastern or Central New York. ARLIS Upstate New York seemed like a more geographically inclusive and appropriate name. By changing our name to ARLIS Upstate New York, the chapter hopes to increase its membership since it now encompasses the entire upstate region.

Since ARLIS New York is the metropolitan chapter for art librarians in New York City and the surrounding areas, any art librarians north of the New York metropolitan area are welcome to join ARLIS Upstate New York.


ARLIS/NA Upstate has a new logo!


A competition to design a new logo to represent ARLIS/NA Upstate was held in December and the winner was selected by members of the chapter.

The winning logo was designed by Adam Fisher-Cox, an Art major at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.

“My logo submission incorporates a modern art sensibility with shapes representative of upstate New York. The three colored quadrilaterals correspond to the three main regions of “upstate” New York: The Capital Region, The Adirondacks, and Western New York. Together they form a unique shape reminiscent both of the mountains the region is known for and the shape of the state of New York.”

Adam Fisher-Cox

—Yvette Cortes, President, ARLIS/NA Upstate New York


Logo Competition, Upstate NY Chapter of ARLIS/NA

Logo Competition, Upstate NY Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America

ARLIS Western New York (ARLIS/WNY) will soon be ARLIS Upstate New York!

The Upstate New York Chapter of ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society of North America) is having a competition for a new logo. We would like to invite you to submit proposals for the new logo!

Deadline & Prize

The deadline for submissions is December 9, 2013.

The winner will receive $100. The winning logo will be used on the ARLIS Upstate NY chapter’s website, Facebook page, documents, and promotional materials. The winner will be selected by members of ARLIS Upstate NY. The designer of the winning logo will be featured on the Chapter’s website.

Submission Guidelines

You may incorporate the text “ARLIS Upstate NY”, “ARLIS Upstate New York”, or “ARLIS/UNY” into your design.

Your entry should be submitted as a high resolution JPEG or TIFF to Yvette Cortes at:

Please include your name, institution, and phone number in the body of each email submission.

Use the subject line:  ARLIS Upstate NY Logo Competition