VRA Job Opportunities Feed

The Visual Resources Association (VRA) lists its job opportunities here.  However, they do not offer an RSS feed. 

Q: What’s an aspiring visual resource librarian to do? 
A: Use Feedity!

Feedity allows users to easily create free RSS feeds for any webpage.  There are customizing features (more for paid users), and both free & paid users can tweak the feed to capture just the right info.

Here’s a feed for VRA’s job opportunities – http://feedity.com/rss.aspx/vraweb-org/UVtUVFVS


Pushing Current Awareness

Video: librarylackey’s March [2009] New Books in the Charles Voorhies Fine Art Library at Pacific Northwest College of Art

How do you/would you push new content to your constituents.  Is it dynamic?  Can it be easily shared?  Is it fully or partially automated?

Aggregating Conference News


In an attempt to aggregate more than just the conference news coming out of ARLIS/NA, I’ve created a widget that pulls RSS information from Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Google Alerts, Delicious, Twitter, as well as the conference’s blog.  Of course, there is also a link to the official conference site.

The aggregation is based on the protocol for previous years’ metadata tag.  This year’s being “arlisna09.”

Please see my post demonstrating the widget located here – http://tinyurl.com/dedfz5

I’ve also set up a couple of groups.  We now have Flickr and YouTube groups for this year’s conference.  Please feel free to join and post.

RSS Feeds on ArLiSNAP

I was going to put our RSS feeds (widgets) back on the site. It seems it really was the platial mapkit that was causing loading problems.

But, since the wordpress.com dashboard redesign, our old links have disappeared!

What are your favorite RSS feeds for art and/or library news or related blogs that you’d like to see on this site??

Livejournal rss feed

For any of you who use livejournal, I’ve created an RSS feed for ArliSNAP.

Session Update from Atlanta: Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Long-term planning for conference requires session approval, preventing discussion of new ideas. Last-minute and timely topics have been generated – emerging technologies this year.

Varying levels of experiences
Overview of technologies and their use

Rebecca CooperCatholic University, Reader services manager at the Society of the Cincinnati Library

Brian Loar
Resource librarian, global design firm Fitch
ArLiSNAP administrator

Rebecca Price, Univ. Michigan

Sue Mayberry, Otis College of Art and Design, Director of Tech.
Web2.0 capturing imagination of faculty and staff
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