Looking for a budding graphic designer

One of the things we’ve agreed to produce for this year’s annual conference is a printed version of our wiki content.  These will be distributed at the information/ registration desk and at the orientation for first-time attendees.   We could use some help formatting the info for the printed page, especially from someone with a good eye for design.

If you are interested, leave a comment below.  Responders will garner eternal gratitude and goodwill!



Looking for wiki contributors

As some of you may remember from earlier posts, Rebecca and I agreed to produce a wiki in conjunction with this year’s annual ARLIS/ NA conference coming up in April.  The goal of the wiki is to help newbies prepare for and navigate around the conference with information pertinent to first-time attendees not just to Indy but to the annual conference in general.  It addresses issues of interest to new and young ARLIS/ NA members such as:

  • who attends the national conference?
  • what kinds of events can I expect and what is the dress code?
  • what funding opportunities are available?
  • how can I find a roommate/ save $$ in other ways?
  • etc, etc, etc.

Rebecca and I have set up PB wiki space and laid out a basic outline of topics; now we could use your help adding content.

The wiki can be found at https://snapconference.pbwiki.com/

Anyone can be added to author content via the Request Access link on the page.   If you’ve attended an annual conference in the past, feel free to add content as you see pertinent.  If  you’ve never attended and are curious about topics we haven’t thought of, by all means add a comment or new heading and we’ll try to provide info.  We’d appreciate any contributions, large or small.


Surviving the Annual Conference

Efforts are afoot to create an ARLIS/NA Annual Conference Survival Wiki, and we’d like your input to get things started!  The wiki is intended to complement the conference website and blog by providing a more generalized guide to the happenings of the Annual conference.  Whereas the website and blog contain information particular to each individual conference and locale, the wiki is intended to provide valuable tips on what to expect… and to fill in information that first time attendees might not know.

With that in mind, what are some topics/categories that you think a wiki of this kind should cover?  Here are some thoughts to get things rolling:

  • Which meetings are open/which are invite-only
  • Dress “code” (both general, and for special events)
  • Money-saving tips

… What else?

Tracy and I will take your suggestions into account and create the basic structure for the wiki, and will then open it up for contributions from everyone… we’re sure that there are some experts out there that can really help to make it a useful resource!

Student-designed ARLIS/ANZ Website Prototype Chosen

Since September of this year, the ARLIS/ANZ President’s blog detailed the exciting process of choosing a new website designed by Communication Design students at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

In September President Ellen Thompson reported that students were,

“looking at ways to incorporate blogging, wiki and forum technology into the Arlis/ANZ site itself, so that eventually we don’t have to hang third-party freeware off the site, and can communicate with each other and our Chapter colleagues from within our ‘home’. The only way is up, in terms of the functionality we can expect from our future Arlis/ANZ site”

Indeed, the chosen website design does everything mentioned above, and more! Check out the prototype, which is up for demonstration purposes, but awaiting more substantial content. They’ve incorporated space for an image gallery, videos, discussion forums (with spaces for each chapter), a wiki, and more!

Best wishes to the ARLIS/ANZ group on their stunning new web presence!

Session Update from Atlanta: Hot Topics

Hot Topics

Long-term planning for conference requires session approval, preventing discussion of new ideas. Last-minute and timely topics have been generated – emerging technologies this year.

Varying levels of experiences
Overview of technologies and their use

Rebecca CooperCatholic University, Reader services manager at the Society of the Cincinnati Library

Brian Loar
Resource librarian, global design firm Fitch
ArLiSNAP administrator

Rebecca Price, Univ. Michigan

Sue Mayberry, Otis College of Art and Design, Director of Tech.
Web2.0 capturing imagination of faculty and staff
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